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Worth Data Model SLx-USB Bar Code Slot Badge Scanner


Worth Data Slot Badge Bar Code Scanner
• USB Keyboard Device
• Scan ID Badges, Membership Cards, & Security Badges
• Scans Standard 1D Bar Codes - UPC, Code 39, Code 128
• Compatible with Windows® 10, 8, 7, Vista, & XP, plus macOS
• 2 Year Warranty

USB Interface
In Stock

SLV-USB Visible Light

SLI-USB Infrared Light

The SLx-USB are bar code slot badge scanners with USB HID Keyboard output for reading bar coded cards and ID badges! This reader connects directly to the USB port of any computer running Windows®, or macOS, and transmits the barcode data as if it had been typed in - no additional software required. This reader is perfect for any applications where a card would be presented, i.e. library, health club, security stations, etc...

The visible light model SLV-USB complete with USB cable is only $149.00.

The infrared light model SLI-USB complete with USB cable is also only $149.00. It is used for higher security situations where the bar code needs to be invisible to a human but still readable using the infrared light scanner.  The bar code can be printed with infrared absorbing ink and then a second ink, or laminate overtop, passes the infrared light through for easy reading and to hide the bar code from human eyes or duplication by cameras or photocopiers.