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7802 Wi-Fi RF Terminals

LT7802 WiFi RF Terminal; PDA Style with 1D Bar Code Laser Scanner

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LT7802H WiFi RF Terminal with Handle and 1D Bar Code Laser Scanner

In Stock

The 7802 RF Terminals are wireless radio frequency mobile bar code scanning terminals with a 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi compatible radio. If you are already wired for 802.11 Wi-Fi, then this is the Mobile Terminal for you!

As enterprise mobility becomes increasingly important, Worth Data is committed to providing solutions for the small business owner as well as corporate entities. Our solutions are easy to implement getting you connected faster, all at a lower cost!

Worth Data has been the leader in small size, long range Radio Frequency Terminals for over 15 years, and the 7802 system allows you to have a low cost real time RF terminal systems using an existing Wi-Fi network. Some of the industry leading features on the 7802 series terminals include:

• 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi Compatible
• Rugged Color LCD Display
• Very Small & Lightweight
• Comfortable Ergonomic Housing
• Built in Li-Ion Battery(s)
• Shock Mounted LCD & PCB
• Splash & Dust Resistant

There are several models currently available: The LT7802 with a 1D laser scanner integrated into the top of the unit, the LT7802H with the same laser scanner plus a gun handle, the LT7822H unit with a 2D scanner for matrixBluetooth and 1D codes, plus the LT7822B & LT7802B models featuring Bluetooth wireless technology for mobile printing and communication. The gun handles on the LT78x2H & LT78x2B models makes it easy to do one handed scanning, plus there is second Li-ion battery in the handle so the battery life is doubled.

Our latest software and web service tools allow the terminals to operate anywhere there is a Wi-Fi connection including using cell phones or MiFi® type devices with Hot Spot capabilities. This enables you to easily operate the LT7802 Terminals practically anywhere, talking in real time to a dedicated web server - or a work station in any office or location that has an internet connection - using our free Connection Host Service.

Since a host program, written in any language, can totally control the Terminals in real time, programming time and costs are significantly less than with competitive terminals.

  • Very Low Entrance Cost To Mobile Scanning - $1,495.00 - $1,895.00
  • IEEE 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi Radio Module
  • Local or Wide Area Network (WAN) operation
  • Compatible with Cellular or MiFi mobile HotSpots!
  • Windows® ActiveX and Excel® components included for free
  • Control unlimited terminals from one Application ServerCEFCC
  • User-Customizable Voice Prompts plus Display Prompts
  • FCC & CE Approved - No license required in USA, Canada, or Europe
  • Made in USA of U.S. and Imported Parts

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