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KwikInventory for Windows

KwikCheck In/Out Module Single User Version

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KwikInventory Module Single User Version

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Welcome to Worth Data's KwikInventory Inventory Management Software Suite. This modular inventory software solution is a bar code based inventory suite that makes inventory, item tracking, and asset tracking fast, simple, powerful and easily expandable!

KwikInventory is a bar code based inventory accounting and inventory management program. It makes extensive, and exclusive, use of the TriCoder portable bar code reader to make inventory management fast and easy, plus we also have support built in to support our 7000 Series RF Terminals, and our Wi-Fi 802.11 7802 wireless RF Terminals. Modules are available to extend the function of the product as needed. We offer a free KwikInventory/Basic Module - download here - as a simple starting version for users who only need very simple inventory counts and total dollar value for their inventory.  This free version also includes a 1imited demo version of the Check In/Out module.



Since KwikInventory is a modular application, this means that you can add functionality by purchasing additional software components ("add-on modules") and continue to use the same data that you have already created and managed in the free KwikInventory/Basic module.

Best of all, the KwikInventory software and the bar code readers are available from one source - Worth Data, and since we manufacture all of the bar code readers, and design and write the software in house, you end up with a seamless product interface with exclusive features that are simple to implement and very powerful.

There are two main modules available: the KwikInventory Module, and the KwikCheck In/Out™ Module , plus we offer 2 levels of multi-user expansion options. The modules can be purchased at any time and expand the functionality of the Free Basic Inventory functions, adding very powerful tools that will not only help you perform fast, easy physical inventories, but it can also help answer important questions about where your products and assets are located, or where items are located, who may have them, and when are they due back.

KwikInventory/Basic is the free starter edition of KwikInventory software. You can download it here or it is automatically sent with the purchase of any of our Worth Data USB/Keyboard Readers, the TriCoder, and our RF Terminals. With KwikInventory/Basic you can manage and update the current quantities of your items using the TriCoder or RF Terminal. KwikInventory/Basic also offers simple reporting to give you printed summaries of your inventory items.

The Kwikinventory/Basic also allows you to do check in and check out of items - limited to 10 transactions - which allows you to see how the KwikCheck In/Out Module works and to setup and start working on a tracking system - all for free.

System Requirements

  • Windows® 10, 8, 7, Vista, & XP
  • A Pentium® compatible computer with at least 1GB of RAM
  • USB TriCoder portable bar code scanner
  • or a WDP Reader for fixed KwikCheck In/Out on a PC Workstation
  • KwikInventory Basic Software is Free - Download Here
  • Modules Start at $99.00