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Worth Poly™ Polyester Laser Label Stock

Worth Poly laser label stock from Worth Data® is made from a special white, matte finish, heat stabilized polyester film designed for laser printers. When printed on a laser printer, the resulting label is heat resistant, water-resistant, light resistant, scuff resistant, smudge resistant, and stain resistant.

These labels are ideal for any labels that you want to last through rough handling, repeated usage, outdoor usage, or other challenging environments (not designed to withstand repeated high-pressure water applications or other extreme conditions).

Worth Poly labels are also suitable for certain MIL-STD-130 durable UID labels - MIL-STD-130NPrint your own durable compliance labels with our LabelRIGHT Ultimate label printing software and a standard office laser printer.

The permanent adhesive is designed to keep your label adhered to smooth & clean surfaces including; painted wood, metal, plastic, or glass for years.

Label application temperature must be 50°F or higher for maximum adhesion; temperature range for actual label use (after label has been applied) is from 4°F to 212°F !

You pay a little more, but you get a lot more label for the money.

The stock was designed to work with standard black toner laser Laser Printing labelsprinters - if you plan on using Worth Poly on a COLOR laser printer, please call us at 800-345-4220 for a sample sheet before purchasing full packages. Some color lasers work great while others have toner adhesion issues due to lower heat fusing of color toners. Your best bet is to test before you buy.


Worth Poly

CLOSEOUT PRICED at $89 $50 per 100 sheet pack

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