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TriCoder Portable Bar Code Scanners - Model Comparison

The TriCoder portable bar code reader is battery operated and stores scanned or keyed data in its memory for later batch uploading to a computer. This is the perfect reader for physical inventory, receiving items into stock, remote scanning, inventory cycle counts, and many other applications where portability is an issue.

The TriCoder also operates as a dual mode reader and actually performs the function of two different types of bar code readers:

  • A traditional portable "Data Collection" bar code reader - Collect data remotely then upload to the computer
  • A fixed reader operating in "Nonportable" mode - Enter data directly into the computer in real time

This means that the TriCoder is perfect for POS, Retail, Library environments, or other applications where you need fixed bar code scanning for data input, at the computer, plus portable remote inventory scanning for later batch upload.

5100 TriCoder with Integrated Bar Code Scanner - PDA Style
5100 TriCoder with Integrated Bar Code Scanner & Gun Handle