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Inventory Software Solutions

Worth Data offers a two Excel add-ins that work with our bar code hardware to help you control and manage your inventory.

  Software Application Overview

KwikCount/EX is our powerful plug-in for Excel®. This makes it very easy to do simple inventory functions in Excel - KwikCount/EX automates data transfer from TriCoder to any Excel worksheet. Great if you already work in Excel, and it is free with the purchase of any TriCoder.


KwikCount/RF allows our popular RF Terminals to do real time product look up and updating of any Excel spreadsheets in real time. This is perfect if you already use Excel and you want instant updating of Inventory or other functions directly into Excel. There are two versions of the KwikCount/RF for our 7000 Series RF Terminals or our wireless 7802 Wi-Fi RF Terminals! KwikCount/RF is free with the purchase of the RF Terminal system of your choice.

If you already work in Excel, and have an existing 802.11 wireless network, adding real-time data lookup and collection is simple using the 7802 RF Terminals!

Alternatively you can also use our more powerful 900Mhz 7000 series RF Terminals for much wider RF coverage than a 802.11 wireless network typically allows. Plus our 7000 RF system is much easier to install and implement for new installations if you don't have an existing 802.11 wireless network already installed.