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Worth Data Products Are Very Excel® Friendly

Microsoft® Excel for Windows® is ideal for use in inventory accounting, tracking, and control. Worth Data provides Add-Ins for Excel that integrate bar code label printing and physical inventory data collection directly into the Excel worksheets.

Label Printing From Excel

LabelRIGHT UltimateLabelRIGHT™ Ultimate for Windows is the only software on the market that offers the ability to print straight from any Excel spreadsheet! Simply design your label template in LabelRIGHT, then go to your worksheet in Excel and link up the columns to the corresponding fields on your label - you can even specify different quantities for each label all from within your worksheet!

Label Printing Management using Excel
You can also manage and maintain lists, multiple label data sets, and/or a database of labels that need to be printed in Excel and mark them for printing using the plug-in. LabelRIGHT Ultimate can then print just the labels you have marked. These label database features are very powerful, because you can use all of the sorting and marking features that are built into Excel instead of relying on a standalone data management tool.

Inventory Management & Updating for Excel
Worth Data has two powerful ways to update your Excel worksheets using our bar code readers. The first is an effortless way to capture and input all the inventory transactions TriCoder directly into Excel. Using the Worth Data portable 5000 TriCoders to scan all the pertinent data into the portable's memory, you then use our KwikCount/EX Add-In to update an existing Excel worksheet. You can use as many TriCoder's as you want and you can update quantities, remove counts, add to counts, append to counts or columns of data. KwikCount/EX is our most popular add in and makes remote data collection and inventory very easy with Excel.

Our second option for updating spreadsheets in Excel is to use our KwikCount/RF which gives you real-time inventory control using our 7802 Wi-Fi 802.11 Wireless RF Terminals or the 7000 Series 900Mhz RF Terminals. No programming knowledge is necessary and you can do lookups of data and update counts, do price verification and very powerful real time updating of Excel worksheets and columns!

The ability to print bar codes from within Excel and import bar code data from a data collector really makes Excel inventory control practical. The Add-Ins are programs that Worth Data provides and, after being "added" to Excel, they become one of Excel's available pull down menu options. Excel and bar coding are effectively integrated with bar code printing and updating becoming one of Excel's tools. What could be easier?

In addition to Excel portable reader support (which updates up to 10 different fields) using KwikCount/EX, or RF real time updating of worksheets using our KwikCountRF, all of Worth Data's bar code readers can be configured to work with Excel.

For example, any of our USB keyboard output readers can be configured to do an Excel search based on the data being scanned, locating it in the appropriate cell. The same reader can be programmed to tab over to the correct column for keyboard updating. For searching, a "Ctrl F" is programmed as the preamble to the bar code data scanned. When a bar code is scanned, the Ctrl F keys are transmitted and then the data scanned, which becomes the "searched for" data.